About our Project

The Living History project was inspired by a dedicated group of alumni from the Class of 1944, to celebrate U of T Medicine’s tremendous legacy and impact through memories shared by our alumni community. Established in 1887, the Faculty of Medicine has a 129-year legacy of well-known research breakthroughs and untold stories of U of T Medicine alumni, faculty and staff. The Living History project is a digital archive to  preserve our past while paying tribute to our ongoing present-day story.

Woven together, our individual U of T Medicine experiences tell an extraordinary story of a world leader in health education, research and clinical care. We hope that you’ll take a walk down memory lane and share your experiences to help us capture the inspiring – and ever-changing – story of U of T Medicine.

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Dr. John B. Collip, 1927Research Council Gives FellowshipsDaffydil Programme Cover, 1949University of Toronto Map, c. 1859Daffydil Programme Cover, 1954Daffydil Programme Cover, 2007Teddy Ryder, Banting Research Foundation, 1922/1923Lawrence Naiman, 1964Bust of Louis Siminovitch, detailRobert Meredith Janes PlaqueLog house belonging to Neil Watters on farm near Bond HeadVera Peters with the Cobalt X-otron developed by OCIFaculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1916Biochemistry laboratory, 1966Athletic letterBust of Maud Menten, detailFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1964Henry Barnett and Felix EastcottToronto General Hospital Under Construction, 1907Medical Sciences Building official opening celebration, 1970Benefit Of Carotid Endarterectomy In Patients With Symptomatic Moderate Or Severe Stenosis1853 at the University of TorontoPediatric Care, 1915GraduationInsulin StillsFaculty of Medicine, Class of 19481903 at the University of Toronto2004 at the University of TorontoDaffydil Performance, 1949, Chorus LinePrincess Margaret Hospital, 1965Faculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1915Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1973Jersey crestFaculty of Medicine,Class of 1966Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1931100 Years of Biochemistry PlaquePediatric Neurosurgery, The "Three H's" and "Two Jims" at a Professional Reception, 1997Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1932Bust of Robert Bruce Salter, detailThe Toronto XVIVO Lung Perfusion System, 2008Neil Watters at 91, still playing tennisDaffydil Performance, 1948Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1944Equipment at Connaught Laboratories, 1923Tillson HarrisonFaculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1914Toronto General Hospital, ext. ND. Toronto City Archives_James Salmon ColBanting and Franks, 1930sThe ‘Old Red Skulehouse’, 1967Rehabilitation: The Origins of Physical TherapySocial Life at the University of TorontoBill Arnup in Physiology LabCharles Best and Clark Noble, 1920K.J.R. Wightman and John Drennan HamiltonHonor Two Men For Cancer WorkFaculty of Medicine, Graduating Class of 1924Failure Of Extracranial-Intracranial Arterial Bypass To Reduce The Risk Of Ischemic StrokeElizabeth Bagshaw Biography, 1984Macleod Awards Collip Half of His Nobel PrizeGord Cameron, 90th birthdayStudents in the labFaculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1980Scientific Progress and New Medical Knowledge at U of T Letters-patent, dated 22 July 1925, for the Banting Research FoundationTaking Toronto's Healthcare HistoryToronto School of Medicine, Second Year Students, 1870-1871Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1929Trinity Medical College, Graduating Class, 1890-91Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1978Faculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1904Kathleen and Captain Henry Barnett, Wedding DayHen Pecking Carpet Diverts Young MedsBust of James Mustard, detailFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1957Medical student and photographer Walt Mackenzie, 1950Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1977Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1972Daffydil, 1955Janes-Gallie Class of 1950-1Art as Applied to Medicine, 1945Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1936Giants of Biomedical Sciences Profile, detailMeds Class of 5T2, permanent executiveFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1960At-Home Committee, 1908Alert MD's As New Meningitis Kills 4 Day BabyDaffydil, 1951Faculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1900Norman Bethune Operating on Wounded SoldierFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1959Toronto General Hospital, extArchibald B. MacallumAn essay written by W.E. Gallie, former Dean of Medicine, for the 1943/44 Yearbook – School of Medicine  Toronto General Hospital Opening Ceremonies, 18 June 1913Toronto General Hospital, 1913Pablum Inventors GroupHenry Barnett's 1939-40 Tuition ReceiptFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1953Medicine and Athletics, 1928Giants of Biomedical Sciences Alfred Sherman in later lifeWinners of the Cody Medal at GraduationFrederick Banting SculptureB-A AppointmentOperating room, Toronto General Hospital, 1900Daffydil Performance, 1949Daffydil Programme, 1957Pediatric Care in 1993, The HSC AtriumUniversity Health Network "Test Your Limits" campaign, 2010Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1952Faculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1910Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1917Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1979Convocation Ceremony, 1926Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1975Faculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1969Bethune Sculpture by David PellettierFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1971Dr. Arthur F. Charles at Connaught Laboratories, 1933Surgeons at Sunnybrook Health Sciences CentreFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1923Lung transplant recipientsNewborn photoreceptors created from retinal stem cellsNorman Bethune Memorial, ChinaFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1958Executive of the Canadian Association of Medical Students and Interns, 1953Pathology Fellows and Veterans 1946-47Toronto General Hospital Health Complex, 1980Daffydil Programme Back Cover, 1959Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1920Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1942Research at the University of TorontoNeil WattersNorman Bethune, Graduating Class, 1916Ernest "Bun" McCulloch and Till awarded honorary degrees at U of T convocationDean. A. Primrose, portraitNorman Bethune PlaqueDaffydil Programme Cover, 1956Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1921Medical Students' Tug of War Team, 1902Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1927Diphtheria boothFaculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1908Student Jack Temple in organic lab, 1948R.M.R. Taylor, Teacher EnvisionDrs Peter J Moloney and Charles Best, 1971Mar011927, VarsityNewsDaffydil Programme Cover, 1960Wilfred Bigelow, detailDaffydil Programme Cover, 1953Dr. Alex Bryans and Dr. Mary Wynne Ashford Portrait of Bill Horsey at retirement from Chief of St. Michael’s HospitalEntrance of the Hygiene Building, 1927William E. Gallie and Gordon E. Richards, surgery and radium treatment for cancerMedicine 5T2 Class partyHeads Blood Service Province Of AlbertaStudy to evaluate brain arterial bypassToronto School of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1880-18811919 at the University of TorontoVials of insulin produced by Connaught Laboratories, 1925Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1955Charles Best, detailAmpitheatre, Biology Building, c. 1900Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1917Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1937Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1954Russians, China Reds Alike in Fanning Hate for West MissionaryU of T medical student, Jessica Shin, practices her suturing skillsFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1961Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1928Dec121923, VarsityNewsMara Jones, U of T medical student and Olympic rowerExsanguination-transfusion, 1918Surgeon's Kit, early 19th centuryToronto School of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1870-1871Student Life at the University of TorontoDaffydil castFaculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1911Daffydil Night Preparations, 1948Dr. Lap-Chee Tsui, who identified the single gene which is abnormal and is present in cystic fibrosisSunflowers at Hiroshima, by Dr. Alex Bryans, 1998Medical 2T7 "T" Holders, AthleticsIntramural Women's Basketball - Occupational Therapy Basketball Team, 1949-1950Sketch of John J.R. Macleod, 1924Daffydil Programme Cover, 1959Child receiving a diphtheria shotJohn James MackenzieFaculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1913Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1930TGH House Men, 1885-86Faculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1905John Gerald Fitzgerald and the School of Hygiene, 1930sFaculty of Medicine Student Float, 1927Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1986Toronto General Hospital, 1895Banting and Best, 1924Innovation at the University of TorontoToronto University Medical Faculty, Graduating Class, 1891-92Linda Kowitz, Adrian Harvey and Roger Chow under pressure in a research simulationDr. Frederick Banting and Charles H. Best, 1921Daffydil Programme Cover, 20111843 at the University of TorontoCharles H. Best SculptureFaculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1894Medical Faculty, Session 1892-93Norman Bethune with Sentinel, 1939Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1940Moss Hall, University Park TorontoToronto General Hospital Postcard, 1913Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1947Institute of Medical Science: Jack Laidlaw appointedLap-Chee Tsui, detailFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1943Davidson Black PlaqueFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1935Banting Institute, Ext. 1930Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1983Archibald Byron Macallum (1859-1934), ca. 1908Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1938Daffydil programme cover, 1951Toronto General Hospital, College Street buildings, 1913Nov231925, VarsityNewsBruce Wells, a helpful collaborator in gathering informationFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1949Stroke Research Recognized: Lifetime achievementsDr. Shaf Keshavjee in his lab, 2010Four Ontario MDs Get FellowshipsToronto General Hospital InteriorHenry Barnett Faculty of Medicine, Class of 19621887 at the University of TorontoGeorge Connell, detailFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1918Epistaxis Cover, Daffydil 1963Investigating a Specimen at the Banting, 1944Daffydil Programme Cover, 2013Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1976Daffydil Programme Cover, 1957Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1968Medical Society, 1941Jack Sinclair Crawford in the Collingwood ArboretumFaculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 19251960s Expansion: Construction of the Medical Sciences BuildingNorman Bethune on Horseback, China, 1938Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1939Biophysicist Dr. James E. Till in his laboratory, 1975Daffydil Programme Cover, 1955Psychiatry, Three Successive Department Heads, 1970sFirst Recipient of the Insulin Injection, 1922Jack Laidlaw, center, watching George Thorn examine a patient's heartToronto General Hospital Ambulance, 1912Dr. Bob Delaney Receives Biggs Trophy Award, U of TFrederick Banting's LaboratoryFaculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1903Obituary of Charles ArmstrongFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1995Dr. John J. R. Macleod, 1928Resident Staff, Toronto General Hospital 1901-1902Banting Dies in Plane Crash During Second Military Term, 1941Diagnostic Imaging at HSC, 1970sDaffydil Programme Cover, 2009Graduating Class in Medicine, 1873-74Elizabeth Hughes and Family, 1916Cleric Born Into Interest In Missions35th Reunion: Class of 1944 C.1900 Faculty of Medicine CurriculumClass of 1901Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1990Operating Room in Toronto General HospitalFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1984Historic Views of CampusFaculty of Medicine, Class of 19741942  Occupational TherapyPsych exam, 1957Harry Hotz, Attending a clinic for immigrant children25th Reunion: Class of 1944 Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1945Laboratory Sciences, Penicillin ProductionDaffydil Programme Cover, 1952Nov61924, VarsityNewsDaffydil Programme Cover, 1958Daffydil Programme, 1958Toronto General Hospital Rear, 1913Dr. Asselstine Named Director of Child Development ServicesFaculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1902Medical At-Home, 1954Class in Medical Gymnastics - first year physiotherapy, 1939Jack Laidlaw relaxing in his Toronto studyLibrary and Medical Building with view of city in the background, 1912Feb141924, VarsityNewsConnaught LaboratoriesDaffydil Programme, 1949Make Home In WinnipegStudents analyzing X-rayDiagnostic Imaging at HSC, 1917Healthy Patient of Frederick Banting, 1923Student Life: The Medical Society's First Annual "At-Home," 1904-5Collip, Best, and Banting pictured with Mrs. F.N.G. Starr, 1936Leaside-East York Health Unit Names Councillor Nealson, Leaside, ChairmanDr. Griff Pearson in the operating roomConnaught Laboratories, 1923Class of 1944 Group Photo, 2012Cries Of Baby From Under Seat Break Solemnity Of Convocation Daffydil program coverSecond Year Meds, 18701960 at the University of TorontoNorman Bethune, China, 1938Women’s Intercollegiate Hockey Team, 1926Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1941Wilfred Bigelow by Robert Lansdale 1972Vera Peters, detailFund For Rheumatism ResearchFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1951Faculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1890-91Pioneers of Heart Surgery, 1962Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1965Charles Hollenberg and Edward A. SellersIntramural Men's Soccer - Senior Meds Team, 1949-1950Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1982Faculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1897Staff of the Princess Margaret Hospital, 1959The Faculty of Medicine building, 1903–1966Dr. Moloney receiving the Gairdner Award from Governor-General Michener, 1967Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1919Medical Science Award Given Toronto DoctorCharles H. Best and the Best Institute, 1953Recent polio vaccinationSatisfies Boyhood Ambition Dr. Arnup is Going to ChinaFrederick Banting, detailFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1981Stanley Greenhill made Chair of Preventive Medicine at University of AlbertaFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1989Trinity Medical School, Graduating Class, 1884-85Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1926Hospital for Sick Children Ward, early 20th centuryFootball Team PhotoBetty and Russ St. JohnFaculty of Medicine, Class of 1970Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1987Joan Borland at age 90Map of University of Toronto, 1932Faculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1917Faculty of Medicine, Class of  1933Toronto General Hospital Ground, c.1920Harold Johns, founder of medical physics in CanadaCharles Armstrong Gets Bacteriologist PostNorman Bethune Treating Teenage Soldier, 1939Toronto General Hospital Public WardSchool of Hygiene Building, 1927The Department of Pathology, 1958-9Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1956Class of 1920 Reunion in 1940First "B" type panel for New Medical Sciences Building, 1966Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1950In the Classroom at the Faculty of MedicineDr. Frederick G. Banting Fishing, 193115th Reunion: Class of 1944OLHA 1924, Vic ArchivesFaculty of Medicine, Graduating of 1946Faculty of Medicine Syllabus, 1844Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1988Sketch of Frederick G. Banting, 1923Toronto General Hospital Operating Room, 1900Faculty of Medicine, Graduating Class, 1907Ramsay Wright, ca. 1880sMedical Sciences Building, 1966Joseph Arthur MacFarlane, Portrait (photo)