Moss Scholarship: Marion Hilliard, 1924

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Marion Hilliard

In addition to Marion's sports and extra-curricular activities she was also an admirable student. Though she would have been first to admit that her studies suffered throughout the year, she always made sure to do well in her finals. (Wilson, 1977, 11). This well-balanced lifestyle earned her the runner-up recipient for the Moss Scholarship award, valued at $300 (approximately $4,000 US by today’s inflation rate). Marion's fortune changed with the chosen candidate, Mr. O’Neil, decided to pursue his calling at the St. Augustine Seminary School. Coincidentally, this change of events was a blessing for Marion as she was then named award recipient.  Visit "related gallery" images to see the newspaper clipping announcing her as the chosen candidate. 


"Moss Scholarship Again Awarded", Varsity Undergraduate Newspaper, Vol 44: No. 26 (University of Toronto, Toronto, ON), Nov 6, 1924.

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