Teddy Ryder, Banting Research Foundation, 1922/1923

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Teddy Ryder, one of Banting’s early patients is shown in the photo when he weighted a scant 27 pounds.  The letter from Teddy reports on his progress: “I am a fat boy now and feel fine.”  Says Professor Bliss, who interviewed Ryder: “The recovery stories told by the patients, as well as their before and after pictures, are, without exaggerations, some of the most dramatic in the history of medicine.  When Ted Ryder died in 1993, the residue of his estate, amounting to about $60,000 was given to U of T to support medical research. In July 1992, Ted had become the first human to survive for 70 years on insulin.”

Private gifts endowed the Banting Research Foundation in 1925.  This was Canada’s first medical research foundation, established to support ongoing research by Banting and his associates, as well as projects from other promising Canadian investigators.



University of Toronto Heritage Digital Repository. Banting & Best Photographs. 


Left Image:

Title: Photograph of Teddy Ryder, 10/07/1922
Description:  Caption -- Original photograph showing Teddy Ryder when he first arrived in Toronto weighing 27 pounds.

Source: http://heritage.utoronto.ca/fedora/repository/default%3A11790


Right Image: 

Title: Photograph of Teddy Ryder 10/07/23

Description: Original photograph showing Teddy Ryder one year after his initial treatment in Toronto, at a weight of 45 pounds.

Source: http://heritage.utoronto.ca/fedora/repository/default%3A11760

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