Women’s Intercollegiate Hockey Team, 1926

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Women’s Intercollegiate Hockey Team, 1926
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Left to right: Dorothy McNaughton, Jessie Mooney, Eileen Ditchburn, Jerry Campbell (coach), Ruth Hazelwood, Doris Ross, Marion Hilliard and Nettie Hanson

Marion Hilliard

In 1923 Marion was named Varsity Women’s Athlete of the Year, an unsurprising honour because she played hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball and tennis for her college and University teams. Ice hockey was her favourite and most recognized sport earning her “star left-wing” status in the Varsity newspaper. In 1926 Marion was captain of the hockey team. Nearing the end of the season, The Varsity newspaper noted the forthcoming “loss of the team’s backbone” referring to Marion’s Class of 1927 graduation. Fittingly, Marion earned the nickname “Lady of Letters”, which referred to her Vic V’s for volleyball, hockey and tennis; and Varsity V’s in ice hockey and tennis. (See Related People for more information)


Photo credit: "Women's Intercollegiate Hockey Team, 1926" in Torontonensis (1926), p. 290. Public Domain. Link to Source

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