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Lou Anthony was born January 24, 1922, went to Jarvis Collegiate in Toronto and, while not of giant stature, played football and hockey for Meds for several years in the Interfaculty leagues.  As an undergraduate he lived in the Toronto East General Hospital for two years as what we would now call a clinical clerk, as did several others in the class.

After internship at St. Michael’s Hospital, he served in the RCAMC in Brampton and Malton.

He was married in 1945, had three children, and was remarried in 1966. Lou began general practice in Leaside, Toronto in 1947, where he remained throughout his career. He was a respected physician who received the Glenn Sawyer Award from the Ontario Medical Association for significant service to his profession and the community.

He was a keen golfer who retired from practice in March of 1990, and died in 2003.


Awards and Honours

Glenn Sawyer Award from the Ontario Medical Association


Excerpt written by: Dr. Neil Watters


Barnett, Henry, Joan Borland, Jack Laidlaw, Neil Watters and Bruce Wells. The Epic Journey of University of Toronto Medical Class of 1944. Toronto: University of Toronto, Faculty of Medince, 2012. pg. 13.

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