Ray Farquharson

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Ray Farquharson was born in Claude, Ontario in 1897, entered medicine at U of T in 1917 and graduated in 1922.  In 1928, Farquharson, or "Farky" as he was known, became a demonstrator in the Department of Medicine, and later Head of Therapeutics in 1934, where he remained until serving as a wing commander during the Second World War.  In 1945, Farquharson was appointed Head of Medicine at the Christie Street Hospital, a dilapidated veteran’s hospital founded in 1920.

A year later, in 1921, he became the Eaton Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto.  He was widely loved and was a source of inspiration for medical students and faculty at U of T and is remembered for being a strong role model (CMHF).  Farquharson is also known for his discovery of what is called the “Farquharson Phenomenon,” which “tracks the secretory activity of a hormone-producing organ” (CMHF). 

Farquharson died of a heart attack in Ottawa in 1965 and was posthumously inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame in 1998.

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